Q. What Is The Application Process?

The entire process takes about two hours and is fairly simple. First, you will lie down and the specialist will apply a small piece of surgical tape to gently protect and constrain your lower lashes. Next, she will apply synthetic fiber lashes to your natural lash by dipping them one-by-one into a non-irritating bonding agent. The procedure is completely painless, and some even find it relaxing.

Q. How Do I Care For Them?

It’s critical to avoid getting your lashes wet with water, oils or creams in the first 24 hours. Also when washing your face make sure to try to avoid pulling and rubbing your lashes. Try to use a non-oily makeup remover instead of a cleanser which is more delicate.

Q. How Long Will They Last?

Though the exact time varies based on the natural growth cycle of your lashes, 6 to 8 weeks is the normal time-span. Because natural eyelashes shed and replace themselves on their own, regular touch-ups are usually recommended to replace any strays that have fallen out during this growth cycle.
The life span of an eyelash varies by individual, anywhere from 2 weeks to three months, but for maximum results, regular touch-ups (recommended every 2-2 1/2 weeks) will provide optimal results.

Q. Will The Extensions Damage My Natural Lashes?

No. Eyelash Extensions are perfectly safe. Since they are attached to the natural eyelash they will not damage your lash growth.

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